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Our Harlem storefront

HOUSEofALCHEMI / HARLEM COOP is the most exciting new business and wholesale retail brick and mortar gallery in the ethos of popular culture influencers for 2020 and beyond. “HOUSE” will offer a welcoming home to our community creators and consumers where they will enjoy a feast of opportunities, inspirations and exciting connections and tools for success.

OUR MISSION is to create a mind-blowing culturally rich wholesale/retail storefront gallery in the heart of HARLEM for discovering, growing, fortifying, cultivating, enhancing, protecting, celebrating, sustaining, trading, authentic goods and services where in these efforts we support a healthier community of original Harlem residents at risk to the negative effects of poverty and gentrification.

  • MEMBERSHIP & MENTORING at our cooperative allows open access to 30 plus years of global contacts, relationships, guidence, talent, expert advisory that keep your specialized business vision with-in the trusted safety network of our highly talented ethical professionals. Here we map out ways with you to ultimate success plans keeping you focussed and you well on your way to acheiving and preserving the successes you deserve in this life.

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QUARTERLY Featured Founding Members

2020 is a year of clear vision and razor sharp focus here in our HOUSE. Therefore and in spite of the obvious challenges that face us all, HERE we are, always prepaired, as creators, with actual solutions, to equipt and usher a way to a safe incredible future working mindfully together with you.

So with some THIRTY FOUNDING MEMBERS of our vast focussed multi-talented team we intend on moving the bar up to next level heights with powerfully elegant talent and direction from our FORT KNOX of folks like....

  • Lili Hall Scarpa
    Lili Hall Scarpa

    Humanitarian, CEO, Creative Magnate, Mom, Woman of the Year, Globe Trotter and way-way more, Mrs. Hall-Scarpa spot on knows, how it must be, how to get it done, when, where, why, under budget, on time, with grace. Never a knock-off, a pershing of protection, if you are a truly GOOD person she wants to know you....just KNOCK.

  • Lori Land Lastra
    Lori Land Lastra

    It is now time for truly good humans to get comfortable knowing our head of LaFamilia, Mrs. Land Lastra, as one of thee most influential style icons of the 21st century. Her businesses aqumen, her man, her off-spring, her friends & family, gladly win with Lori in court. If you can catch her, get into it. Lori may help you understand the importance of standards, and the concept we call LOYALTY.

  • Carlton Estillo Jones
    Carlton Estillo Jones

    Yes, this one. Mister Mister Jones, makes everyone he touches, come to find out the power of positivity, beauty, ease, and community. He is a new wave in the humanity of fashion where it hasn't occurred like this. He's exciting and smooth... He makes you wonder what just happened because it stays... don't sleep.

  • Kate Moodie
    Kate Moodie

    Words cannot express the thrill it is to be around this standard of precise excellence. When one looks into a mirror one wants to reflect Ms. Moodie. In every tone, in every hour, in every place this, is the secret, the mystery, the perfect detail, that makes it unquestionably Moodie, and spot on.

  • Memsor Kamarake
    Memsor Kamarake

    Mr. Kamarake uses his body of work and intuitive understanding about the impossibility we be, to bring out the absolute best product in his subject. His modernity has cultivated and realized important figure heads. His moral code allows only excellence in who and what he produces. He requires no kudos. He knows himself. We love that self.

  • Jeffrey Streeper
    Jeffrey Streeper

    In parallel universes one may be so lucky as we, to find a bridge where perfect answers be done. Meet Mr. Streeper; our intellectual access under lock stock and barrell. Jeff's mind is where it's at. Jeff has answers. Jeff has acid tested experience. He's here to problem solve, and not to talk about it or try. Make way...

  • Cynthia Woshner
    Cynthia Woshner

    Designers be the lucky ones to have the favor of Miss Woshner. Our Pied Piper and Wingman that serves honor and exhileration in our World on International Fashion with a folio of wisdom from the Spirits that have forged her knowledge of what is good and what will be, with her artist eye of all things incredible... BREATHE DEEP and be seated, Cynthia will guide you...

  • Veronica Jones
    Veronica Jones

    BEWARE & BOW DOWN. You are present to Madame Veronica Jones. One may not claim they know anything of black fashion where there is no immense acknowledgement to this presence. There is no Harlem without a grand view of, or the wisdom and advise gained by, or gleen to the body of knowledge that has made any standards here worth having without the priveledge of this incredible woman. Trailblazer, human, color of LOVE. Take another bow, and we may begin.

A Harlem, New York boutique store experience like no other

HOUSEofALCHEMI is a HARLEM home based wholesale, retail & incubation working space for makers of authentic goods & services.

Opened in 2007 founder Jeffrey Grübb has created & worked with many of the best original brands and retailers including ESPRIT, LABEL, INDUSTRIA, GO>SILK, CALVIN KLEIN, LUKASTYLE, and his own 2B!, FAL, alchemiSPORT, ESCAPE... mentored by Terese Feltes, Barbara Kramer, John Badum, Mitsu Aoki, Tina Bossidy, Susan Bixler and Errol Cohen... endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, JOYCE Ma, Janet Brown, Joan Weinstein, Fran & Terry Errico, Catherine Dietlein, Janet Rodriguez, Patricia Field, Mark, Hager, Eva Jeanbarth Lorenzatti, Beverly Weisman Cogan Markshon, Wayne Scot Lukas, Kate Moodie, Mindy Grossman, Linda Cohen, Polly Allen Mellen, Robert Forrest, Freddie Leiba, Elizabeth Keister, Adam Glassman, Vogue, Vibe, Fitness, Marie Claire, LA Times, HOOPS, Wall Street Journal, Interview, Wallpaper...

Mr Grübb's brands have always sold to top global retailers such as Jolie Jordan Boutique, Joan Shepp, Fred Segal, Net-a-Porter, Bergdorf Goodman, Stanley Korshak, Equinox, ESCAPE@TheCOVE Atlantis, 4510, One&Only Resorts, Kirna Zabete, Marios, Weinsteins, Theresa, United Arrows, Brown's, Luisa Via Roma, Canyon Ranch Spas, Linda Dresner, Aria and MGM Grand Hotel Spas, Four Seasons, Untitled & many more...

Jef is a Spear-Header & Creator of categories such as LUXE' ACTIVE LIFESTYLE, & LUXURY RESORT collections. As an authenic creator unhappy about "biters" that he feels lower the expectations of our human evolution, Jef desires to protect & grow our global A+ better specialty businesses, that value the importance of the creators. Jef states "I get-off on inspiring artisans & craftsmen to make & own real business success !" Jeffrey practices what he preaches with retail clients & brand incubation processes with special demographic preferences to HARLEM, Brasil, Italy, Scotland, Hong Kong, Japan, Portugal, Peru, Los Angeles, Mexico.

Working from his members-only workspace and soon to be wholesale + retail store front in Harlem, it is his effort to pay forward his body of work & base of global beloved resources to the deservng over-looked community he loves.

Mr. Grübb states "I am a guest here in my Harlem, Bronx, Washington Heights community since 1997, and a pitbull of protection against those that strive to ignore, swipe, discount and disregard the culture and people that built this incredible place".

Jeffrey passionately protects intellectual properties & authentic makers & endorses sustainable and proprietary business in his quest to inspire and rebuild higher standards of respect to elevated thoughtful conscious human practices.

Jeffrey Grubb
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